Shear Canvas Beauty LLC


  • 2 Strand Twist on Natural Hair
    All natural styles
  • 2-Strand Twist Add On Loc Service
    Additional Service to retwist
  • Acv Rinse/cleanse Add On Service
    Acv rinse
  • Additional Color Bowls
    Any additional bowls of color outside of what comes with service
  • Beard Trim
    Line up and trim
  • Blowdry / Blowout
    Shampoo and blowout
  • Consultation
    Consultation required for certain services can be performed. Art least 48hrs before wanted service
  • Dbl Process Color
    Dbl pricess color includes lightner and toner/semi permanent color
  • Faux Locs/Passion Twist/ Invis Locs
    Price starting at $150 w/out hair. Price goes up depending on length. Price with hair is additional $60 to price quote
  • Hair Removal
    Removal of any extensions, or preexisting styles or braids
  • Insta Locs
    Insta loc installation. Price will be higher based on length of hair. Consultation needs to be scheduled 1st. Cant schedule service untill a consultation has been had.
  • Interloc Starters (s/m)
    Micro loc interloc installation
  • Interlock Tightning (Small-micro)
    Retightning of interlocs
  • Interlocking (Med To Large Locs
  • Kids  Natural
    Kids 12 and under
  • Kids Retwist
    Kids 13 and under. Retwist and basic style
  • Kids Starters
    Kids 12 and under Starters trim and deep Condition
  • Loc Extension Installation
    Permanent Loc Extensions. InstLat ik on service only price goes up based on length of natural hair. Consultation must be had first. Appt cant be scheduled with a consultation
  • Loc Removal
  • Loc Repairs
    Loc repair/ reattachment price per loc
  • Loc Retwist
    Retwist and bassic styles
  • Loc Rods Add On Service
    Rod set locs additional service to retwist retighten
  • Loc Styles
    As on style service for locs
  • Mens Cuts
    Mens basic clipper cut
  • Micro Loc Install (Coil)
    Micro loc coil Install
  • Micro Loc Starters (Interlock)
    Starter locs with interlocking method
  • Natural Hair Updo's And Styles
    Anything that requires hair additions
  • Pipe Cleaners Add On
    Add on service to loc retwist
  • Private One On One Class
    Class includes study materials. And tools (mannequin, color brush, foiling comb, basic starter kit)
  • Rod Sets
    Rod sets on natural hair products Relaxed hair
  • Scalp/Alopecia/Hair Loss Treatment
  • Sillk Press
    Sillk press
  • Single Process Color
    Single process all over Permanent color or Demi Permanent
  • Starters Locs
    Starter locs trim and deep condition
  • Straight Razor Shave
    Staight razor shave
  • Trim
    Additional Service added to any style service
  • Wic Maintenance
  • Wics
  • Womens Custom Cuts
    Add on service custom cut to any style or extension service